Electronic Advertising backlit Billboards.

For our clients, Panelux has been developed for the backlighting of several Advertising billboard models both in exteriors and interiors and in different sizes depending on the project.

What are electronic advertising backlit billboards, also called Mupis?

We are sure that in more than one occasion you have seen mupis for electronic advertising and you have not even noticed, you probably thought it is just another poster, but they are one of the ways of advertising, both for outdoor and for large indoor spaces, more effective and usual.

The word MUPI is actually the French acronym of Mobilier Urbain pour l’information, which we could translate as Urban Furniture For Information.

It is a type of poster that is usually found in places of great traffic of people, next to a bus stop, in the subway, or as equipment of advertising zones. In fact, many people refer to mupis as canopies, although in reality they can now be seen on the street without a bus stop next to them.

This type of advertising, located in public areas, is very accessible to all people who go out on the street. Its format usually makes it very visible to anyone who crosses paths with the mupi, so we can consider it a very effective advertising tool when it comes to publicizing high consumption products.

They can be from the best known, with a marquee with advertising on both sides, a led light box, with motor so that advertising is not static … The advantage of this support is the great exposure to the public.